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Huakang Participated in Badminton Contests of Sports Meeting in Kaihua County

Published : 2014-07-01

Recently, badminton contests of the sports meeting in Kaihua County were held in Kaihua gymnasium, demonstrating the results of the staff fittness campaign of offices, enterprises and public institutions in Kaihua. The contest activities include games of mixed teams, guest men's doubles, mixed doubles, men's and women’s singles.

Huakang Badminton Team including eight members, took part in the games of mixed teams and some individual competitions. The players made concerted efforts and worked tenaciously, while strengthening their will and body and training the team. The contests enriched the employees' spare time, solidified their will and enhanced the team's cohesion, while promoting the friendship through exchange and communication with employees from various departments. Through intensive struggling, Huakang Badminton Team won the first in women's doubles and the third in men's doubles.  

Since the beginning of this year, many employees of our company have been positively participating in such activities as table tennis, badminton and basketball, which strengthen their bodies, relax their mood, and promote their friendship as well.