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The First Security Knowledge Contest Hosted by Huakang

Published : 2014-06-27

In order to further implement the National Twelfth "Safety Production Month"activities’ requirement,to permeate safety production sense into every cadre staff’s minds,

to enhance the staff's awareness "Safety Production Month" activities- "Promoting safe and civilized fashion, improving staff safety consciousness "

At 6:30 pm on                                                                       

June 26th,in the second floor conference room of company,the safety and environmental protection department in conjunction with the human resources department held a Security Knowledge Contest for awadrds and each department sent their reprentativestoparticipate.The guests included heads from Safety Supervision Bureau, the County’s Federation of trade unions, Huabu town’s government,Huabu town’s Federation trade unions and so on.

The knowledge contest consists of Required Questions,Lightning round,team answer test and case analysis questions.To guarantee justice and equity,we set up  judges team selected from each department to on-site answer and evaluate on controversial issues.

The safety and environmental protection department and the human resources department read the questions and in form of answing by Answer devices.In the activities,participants answered questions accurately with high spirits and correct rate is almost 100%. It seemed that everyone truly mastered work security knowledge in the daily work and left a deep mark in their minds. Only to master these knowledge, staff can ensure safety in their work.The match has more than 200 quizzes,covering each operation posts,from safety rules to actual operation,from operation in high attitude to the protective measure,fire safety, traffic safety, gas safety, personnel rescue,operation rules on -site.Finnaly, maltitol workshop team answered corrective quetions for most.

This security knowledge contest was a fine spectacle with active participation and 

Active answers.Through it,we not only improve the safety production management system,but also let our staff recognize the safety importance in production process, master the production safety knowledge,gradually from not understanding to understanding  from  ”keeping me security” to ”I want”,improving the consciousness of security production.