Technical center
Guiding principle: "Healthy China"
R&D Center

Based on Huakang’s developing strategy, together with the market oriented principle and the mission of ‘to become a global leader in polyol’, we are boosting our market competence with a rather self-innovative approach. We insist on bringing the self-independent research with a combination of production, teaching and research, ceaselessly dedicating ourselves to technology innovation, product development and research in basic applications.

Our center has many scientific research platforms, made up of Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center, Zhejiang High-tech Research and Development Center, Zhejiang Huakang Polyol Research Institute, Polyol Technological Application and Research Center, Academician Zheng Yuguo Workstation, Zhejiang Postdoctoral Research Station, etc. We have also established long-term strategic research cooperation and talent training program with well renowned universities like Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, etc.   

Huakang’s R&D Center has equipment and laboratories that are cutting-edge. We vigorously develop environmentally friendly polyol manufacturing technology and functional polyol products beneficial to people’s health. Catering to the “Green Manufacturing” (GM) and the “Healthy China” concept, which are strongly advocated by the Chinese government, we commit ourselves to bring more valuable customer tailored services, resulting in elevating the polyol industry and national well-being.

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Technological Platform
Zhejiang Huakang Polyol Research Institute
Academician Workstation
Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center
Zhejiang High-tech Research and Development Center
Zhejiang Postdoctoral Workstation

The Academician Zheng Yuguo Workstation of Huakang was officially approved by Chinese government in March 2018. The grand opening was on 21st May 2018. This Academician Workstation is self-innovative, aiming to cultivate more ground-breaking talents in the engineering science and technology field. It will continue to make contribution to the overall development of this industry, laying a solid foundation of functional sugars, polyols, biological and health related areas.

Testing Center

Our testing center is well-equipped with advanced instruments such as gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrometer, infrared absorption spectrometer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, Karl Fischer moisture meter, polarimeter, melting point meter, etc. We participated in the decision-making processes, specifically drafting national standards and regulations on xylitol, maltitol and other related areas.

With the mission of ‘to become a global leader in polyol’ and the management policy of ‘customer first, strive for excellence’, we develop ourselves vigorously and managed to establish a team full of young, professional and competent people. We were certified by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in December 2017, certificate number: CNAS L10540.  

Our testing center is nationally acknowledged as the official testing laboratory. Pushing ahead with all-around efforts, our facilities, management level and testing ability all measure up the international standards. With our laboratory competent enough to carry out corresponding testing projects, our test reports are acknowledged and approved on the global level.